Summit Products Inc. is honored to represent and offer equipment from the following heat treating equipment manufacturers. Each of these manufacturers has a long standing service to the heat treating industry and provides their quality products worldwide. These companies represent the industries finest in furnace design, dedication to workmanship and commitment to continued improvement.

Alloy Fabrications: Heat Treating Baskets. Mesh Liners. Fixtures. Muffles. Etc.
Cast Alloy Products: Centrifugal Cast Radiant Tubes, Custom Part Fixtures, Furnace Grids, Hearth Rails, Chain Guides, Recirc Fans, Specialty Alloy Components.

Thermal Care
Process Cooling Equipment: Portable Chillers. Temperature Controllers. Central Chillers. Pump/Reservoirs & Cooling Towers.

C.I. Hayes
Manufacturer of both atmosphere and vacuum, batch and continuous furnace systems. C.I.Hayes offers a wide array of tempering furnaces through high temperature furnaces. Applications include neutral hardening, carburizing, carbonitriding, nitriding, p/m sintering, bright annealing and more.

Wisconsin Oven
Manufacturer of batch and continuous convection air and infrared ovens. They offer a wide selection of gas fired or electric, bench ovens, walk-in ovens, pit ovens, conveyor belt ovens, car/shuttle ovens, etc.

Tenaxol, Inc.
Distributor of various non-flammable, liquid organic polymer solutions for water based quenchants. These polymer solution additives are completely soluble in water and create a clear, homogenous mixture offering improved quenching results by minimizing distortion and part cracking. In many cases a Tenaxol polymer quenchant replaces common oil quenching for a safer, cleaner environment. Applications include aluminum heat treating, steel hardening, induction heat treating and flame hardening.

Schunk Graphite Technology
We offer carbon-fiber-carbon (CFC) fixtures, trays and grids for high temperature, high strength heat treating applications. Schunk also provides machined graphite plates and components as well as vacuum furnace hot zone graphite materials and rebuilds.